With locally fresh Ingredients, which produced a healthy and delicious, locally made Halal Sarawak Korean food.

Introducing Boramae Kfood

Boramae Kfood was established by a local Sarawakian lady with a mission to help everyone regardless of their background, to have an authentic taste of Korean food.

Boramae Kfood journey began in a small manufacturing unit in Kuching back in 2017. Their famous and delicious signature product, a Halal made Boramae Kimchi started to sell to individual customers, which then expanded to local markets especially in Bintulu until now.

It definitely not an easy task at first, as the local people were not used to having a meal made of fermented vegetables back in the days. But still, there were always people who were really keen on probiotic products and have tasted Boramae Kimchi and was amazed by the flavour as well as health benefits that come with it!

With 6 years of experience studying in South Korea before, the Boramae founder has invented her own recipes called “RESEPI ASLI AJUMMA KOREA” of Korean chilli paste (Gochujang) & Korean most favourite dish, Jajjangmyeon Paste.

Starting from that moment, the Boramae founder realised that Kuching does not have many varieties in Halal Korean food. She then started to make her own style of Korean food from her own house & started to deliver foods to customer’s house. Even until now, she is still continuing her journey and mission to help make a variety of choices for people especially in Sarawak.

Our Signature Menu

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We are proud to serve the same quality and flavour in every bowl, as one would come to expect if one was dining in Korea. Prepared by carefully selecting high quality materials from our local farmer, attention to detail and preparation ensures we serve the most authentic “Impact” taste Korean Food that you will truly savour and crave for.

Our Outlet

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